Sevenplast s.r.l.


Who we are

Sevenplast srl  located in northern Italy, in Casalromano,  about 140 km from Milano, has been active in the production of films, bags and clothes covers in polyethylene with low density (PELD) since 1984.

The company site has an area of 6.200 m2 (1.700 indoor) with specialized personnel and innovative machinery. The production capacity is over 200 tonnes per month.



What we do

Production cycle is as follows:

The film is obtained from raw material (polyethylene in low density) through an extrusion process; thereafter the film, which can be considered a final product, can be welded for the production of sacks or clothes covers.

Sevenplast srl  delivers mainly to Companies who need to pack their products with flexible packaging in polyethylene with low density. The products are made in compliance with the dimensions needed by the customers, and can be supplied as neutral or customized (with print of the customer’s logo for example). The eventual print can only be made with one colour.




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